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O'Maille's Pub, WODONGA, VIC

O’Maille’s Pub
36 High St
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02 60241335
(02) 6024 6541
About O'Maille's Pub: 

O’Maille’s Pub is one of the oldest buildings in Wodonga, and has been a regular watering hole for locals for over 130 years. The pub’s friendly management and staff continue to proudly serve their community today. O’Maille’s is steeped in tradition, still retaining the original layout of the old hotel, yet as well as a sense of history and its warm and inviting atmosphere it’s the O’Maille’s of today that provides modern services and facilities.

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Comments (4)

Sheree's picture

Sheree (not verified)

I had actually booked a room there for my 18 birthday, I appreciated that a lot. But a week before my party I went there to make sure everything was fine... As soon as I had told them that there were going to be underaged people there, they started giving me a hard time... The night of the party: As soon as I put my foot in the door this one bitchy waitress was straight on to me like a cop. All through my party there were security guards walking through the room constantly because this one waitress was asking them to, she acted like she owned the place. Not even half of the food that I ordered was there, they sent the other half to another function. And I was charged $300 for the food that made it to my party, which was only 4 plates... It was going to be $600. It was a shit night and I'd never go back.

Tony Collins's picture

Tony Collins (not verified)

While searching for this pub in Wodonga I noticed that the spelling you have for the above pub is incorrect.

There website spells it as O'Maille's Pub.
Check there website here:

Kind Regards, Tony

Andrew's picture

Andrew (not verified)

the Murray River Hotel in Wodonga is know known as O'Malley's Pub. Great atmosphere, pool tables, beer garden, meals and music!

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