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Jerry's Plains Tavern, JERRYS PLAINS, NSW

Jerry's Plains Tavern
Pagan Street
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About Jerry's Plains Tavern: 

Jerrys Plains was settled way back in the early 1820s.

Like many early settlements, it was established just too close to the Hunter River and was subsequently relocated to higher ground to avoid more flooding.

Our little village invites you to stop and stretch your legs and take a wander through the historic sites – the old School, Post Office, Churches and Police Station that date back to the 1870s.

You can also enjoy a scrumptious meal and a refreshing ale at the Jerrys Plains Tavern overlooking the rich dairy pastures of the Hunter River flats.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Jerrys plains tavern has some of the most friendliest staff ive come across. The meals were just beautiful n the beer wasnt too bad neither! I will definately be stopping there again!

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