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Schwartz Brewery Hotel, SYDNEY, NSW

Macquarie Hotel
Wentworth Avenue & Goulburn Street
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02 8262 8888
About Schwartz Brewery Hotel: 

Schwartz Brewery is a Micro Brewery in the historic Macquarie Hotel (recently renamed Schwartz Brewery Hotel) and has been pumping out quality craft beer for over 6 years.

The site has been occupied by a hotel since at least 1888, and had been known as the Macquarie Hotel since 1908.

In the belly of the hotel you’ll find the Schwartz Brewery, a state of the art 8hl microbrewery on show for all to see. Our core range of beers includes Dr Schwartz Pils, Pale Ale, Schwarz Bier and Bavarian Red, along with seasonal specialties such as Hefeweizen, Belgian Strong Ale and Porter. We also produce Sydney Summertime and Sydney Cider, which along with the Schwartz Brewery products are all made with natural ingredients under the strictest guidelines. The passion of the brewers and staff is evident for all to see and makes drinking at Schwartz Brewery a unique Sydney experience!

Our multiple award winning beers are handcrafted in small batches from the finest natural ingredients, have no additives or preservatives and are brewed without compromise. With monthly ‘Beer of the Month’ and daily ‘Happy Hours’, we can offer you the ultimate in craft beer appreciation at the most affordable prices!

Also within the Schwartz Brewery Hotel you will find ‘The Mac’ live music venue, ‘Bill and Toni’s Pub Life’ for great pub food and ‘Econolodge’ for affordable boutique accommodation.

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Hi there!

My name is Evie J, I recently played at the The Mac with FIVE COFFEES last Saturday 26th. I would just like to say it was such an awesome venue to play at as it was my first time there.

Would like to get back some time with my band, if interested please call 0422369801 or email me

Evie J Willie

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Schwartz Brewery Hotel wrote: "Have passed your number onto our entertainment manager , who will be in touch if he hasn't already."

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