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Club Hotel Beaconsfield, BEACONSFIELD, TAS

Club Hotel Beaconsfield - image 1
145-147 Weld Street
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03 6383 1191
03 6383 1749
About Club Hotel Beaconsfield: 

The Club Hotel caters for traditional country counter meals and weekend dining. Restaurant seats 60 comfortably, busy Friday and Saturday nights and is adjacent to the local bar with TOTE and Keno facilities. Busy bottle shop with drive through to on premise parking. 10 bed and breakfast rooms upstairs and the new unit development at the rear caters fors business and family short term stays.

Locals are a great source of narrative however, can be guilty of 'guilding the lily' on fish size and general sporting activities.

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Comments (4)

Xan bo & Chi Lee's picture

Xan bo & Chi Lee (not verified)

We stayed last week at this hotel.Very rude talk from most people in the club. We saw the noise was to much and very late to sleep for all of us. Horrible nite. Goodbye with no good.

Peter Fontaine's picture

Peter Fontaine (not verified)

Hi all nothing good to review about this pub. We take our travelling serious and enjoy a good pub meal when we arrive in a new town. The meal and general atmosphere was ordinary. Food was 5/10 and once again ordinary. Mostly frozen prepared. Will not be recommending to any like travellers. Ho hum

Geoff Lancaster's picture

Geoff Lancaster (not verified)

Found all aspects of this hotel offensive. In the bar I met a few locals and the local trout mouth. He was drunk and nasty. I had the steak as it was a special. The meat was tough and tasteless covered with watery gravy like juice. I found the stay unsuitable. Yuk yuk yuk

John varsity's picture

John varsity (not verified)

Stayed on Friday night. Noisy drunks running around from the disco. Old drunk men make me sick. Hated my visit. Stayed in my room and waited for morning. I'm not happy

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