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Eneabba Sands Tavern, ENEABBA, WA

Eneabba Sands Tavern
2 Eneabba Drive
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(08) 9955 1077‎
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About Eneabba Sands Tavern: 

The Eneabba Sands Tavern has been re-opened. We have renovated and updated most of the Equipment.

New Owners Jay and Samantha are offering ice-cold beverages and counter meals. Accomodation is available. For more information call (08)99551077, or visit us on Facebook

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Comments (3)

Kazzza's picture

Kazzza (not verified)

Wow..interesting to hear this story!..Eneabba pub is now closed. I guess once the mine starts up again or the Power Station goes ahead it will reopen...Very strange to have no Tavern here!

jock's picture

jock (not verified)

we were 4 bricklayers and 1 mean labourer,building a house for mrand mrs. eastwood not far from the eneabba pub,on completion we sent the labourer along to the pub to get the biggest bottle of champagn ,to give to the eastwoods for there gratatude to us all ,they fed us every day .so the labourer came back with plans for an extention to the pub ,wellwe got the job to build the extention ,hot and dusty it was if i remember we built 40,000.bricks. every day we finnishd we got a jug of limejuce ,it was very hot ,but we were able to give the pub back some money in the amount of jugs we drank ,hey they were fun days not much money but we all survived. i was the only scotsman for miles around ,anyway if anyone wants more imfo,just e mail me,back .oh yes i have more stories to tell you all ,and no bullshite,

Bill Fieldhouse's picture

Bill Fieldhouse (not verified)

I worked at the mine during a holiday in 1980 and consumed many beer at the pub. I had a forman named Steve Route is he there or has any one heard from him since. Nice chap and would like to say hello if possible;

Regards Bill

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