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150 Lashes

Mon, 2011-11-14 12:45 -- bob
150 Lashes

YOU COULD be forgiven for thinking this column is about anything but beer considering I am talking about 150 Lashes and Dirty Granny.

The 150 Lashes is the name of the latest in the range of James Squire beers and is a subtle pale ale ideally suited for the warmer months.

For those familiar with the James Squire beers, 150 Lashes offers a little more complexity than the Sundowner and is in keeping with pale ale styles.

This pale ale is slightly cloudy with a good tight white head and offers up a subtle fruity aroma which has passionfruit and citrus notes.

It isn't as pronounced as some other pale ales and that translates through to the flavour.

Lashes has a fruity note across the palate which is intriguing but not "sweet" and leaves you with an initial bitterness that finishes with a clean, crisp aftertaste.

Being an ale which doesn't sit heavily in the gut means its has good sessionability, especially on a hot day.

At 4.2 per cent, it's not quite as heavy as regular beers but is still classed as a full-strength beer.

It is well-suited for seafood, light summer dishes and salads of even some of your less-spicy Asia foods.

Lovers of traditional pale ales may find this a bit "lighter", not as fragrant or florally as some others in the market.

With summer coming up, 150 Lashes is bound to get a flogging around these parts!


Serve this nice and cold, not chilled, and allow it to stand for a little while to let the qualities of the ale come through.It's available at major outlest for around $17 for a 330ml six pack. As for the name, it's based on the true story of James Squire caught stealing ingredients to make the colony's first batch of beer. The judge ordered 150 lashes plus two barrels of ale!

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Matelot (not verified)

I had a few of these last Thursday down at Darling Harbour although it was on tap, not in a stubby. They went down real easy and agree with the comments above about not being heavy in the guts so i didnt have that bloated feeling after my meal.

First tried 150 Lashes at the airport waiting to board a plane and liked the way it went down easy. So after a recent bucks trip over to Perth I found that most city pubs had it on tap. Now for some of us it came as a shock to be hit with $9 beer prices as there are no pokies to rape and pilage the punters they hit you with the beer prices. That also goes for your regular Carlton draught etc. So I thought well i'm over here for a big weekend I may as well drink a premium beer which i did in copious quantities (they sell them in pint glasses, at least one concellation for the price) and found it really didn't bloat or leave me with a hangover!! I now look for a 150 lashes whenever i can get it. Great Beer.

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