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Cerveza Imperial

Thu, 2017-07-20 18:28 -- bob

IF you are wandering through a bottle shop you may come across the distinctive Imperial lager from Costa Rica. Heralded as Costa Rica's favourite beer, this drop might be worth trying to find out why.

It is labelled as a cerveza-style of beer but I think falls into the mainstream lager category with a balance of malt and hops to make it a good thirst quencher especially on a warm day.

It has clean, clear golden appearance with an aroma which gives up a cereal/malt aroma.

There's an agreeable amount of bitterness to draw you back and leaves you in no doubt that this is a very sociable drop aimed at the party market.

It certainly has more body then some other US beers (that wouldn't be hard) and is certainly not going to offend mainstream drinkers nor will it surprise.

At 4.5 per cent it is full strength and doesn't sit heavily in the gut and is a reasonably versatile beer for barbies, functions and sharing with friends.

It's an easy beer to drink and therefore has a decent sessionability rating and hits the spot after a hard day's work.

It may not be the beer to set the world on fire but will be a good talking point at a party - "oh this comes from Costa Rica". Just make sure you know where that is!Just be sure to know where that is!

MY TIP: Serve nice and cold, perhaps in a pilsner tall glass would be best or straight from the stubbie. It's a beer which is being introduced around Australia and as such you might be able to pick up a 355ml six-pack from around $12 - if not ask your bottlo.

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