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Big Helga form the Matilda Bay Brewery

Fri, 2010-05-07 07:42 -- bob
Big Helga form the Matilda Bay Brewery

Welcome to Here’s To Beers, a column about everything to do with one of the most popular and discussed beverages in the world.

This week I’d like to introduce you to Big Helga.

This unusual named beer is the latest offering form the Matilda Bay Brewery which is now located in Victoria.

Matilda Bay has developed a reputation for coming up with both distinctive tasting beers and equally distinctive names such as Beez Neez, Dogbolter and Fat Yak.

Big Helga is a Munich style lager and like the faultiness it draws its name from, it is full flavoured, full bodied and full of character.

It has a rich copper colour with a creamy head and a rich aroma which suggested a malty flavour with just a subtle fruitiness to it.

It is clean and smooth across the palate, leaving a wonderful aftertaste with just a hint of bitterness which draws you back.

Even though it is full of body and flavour, it doesn’t sit heavy in the gut nor makes you feel bloated so its sessionability is excellent.

While it is refreshing and can be enjoyed in the warmer months, I feel Big Helga is coming into its own at this time of the year when drinkers are looking for something that answers a thirst but also satisfies those who appreciate a beer full of flavour.

This isn’t a quaffing beer though it is very easy to have a few and at 4.7 percent, Big Helga is no lightweight beer so those who prefer the low carb blondes might find this a but confronting.

Ideally suited to your traditional German fare (especially spicy sausages) Big Helga would also be a fine accompaniment to curries or even a BBQ with a good marinade red meat on the hot plate.


Make sure you serve this cold but not chilled and in a tall glass to appreciate the rich colour and aroma (though straight out the stubbie is equally acceptable). It’s a versatile beer and is in keeping the high standards which Matilda Bay have established and is now widely available in the major retail chains. However this is a premium beer so expect to pay around $19 for a 330ml six pack.

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