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Blue Sky Pilsner

Mon, 2013-04-08 21:57 -- bob
Blue Sky Pilsner

FROM the far north of Queensland comes a refreshing thirst quencher in Blue Sky Pilsner.

For many people, the jury is out on beers from that part of the world with previous drops, especially those brewed by CUB missing the mark.

However the Blue Sky Brewery, located in Cairns has been developing a reputation for producing quality beers and their pilsner is up there with the best.

Being a craft brewery, they haven't lost quality in pursuit of quantity, and the pilsner is in the style of fine Czech drops.

It has a clean golden colour with a tight white head and a pleasant hop nose with malt undertones.

There's plenty of flavour from the first mouthful, being crisp and refreshing with a good balance of bitterness, especially in the aftertaste.

Like many good pilsners, it has a cleansing nature and coming from `up north' it's definitely a beer to quench your thirst.

At 4.5 percent, it's full strength but it doesn't make you feel bloated.

While it's not a `complex' beer, it does have character and has great sessionability and offers more than your standard quaffing beers.

It would go well with some fresh seafood, some light Mediterranean dishes or even some of your lighter Asian foods.

In fact it's a pretty versatile drop and very social.

It is true to the style of beer - pilsner - and I find it refreshing that Blue Sky are trying to call it a summer beer, even though it is ideally suited for the warmer weather.

I'm glad that Blue Sky is now sharing with the rest of us and we don't have to go north to find it.

If you enjoy bitterness which isn't overpowering but will satisfy you on a hot day, Blue Sky's pilsner will certainly hit the sport.


Serve this nice and cold but not chilled, preferably in a tall glass to appreciate it. At around $17 per 330ml six pack, it's not badly priced considering it is a quality drop and is available through chains like BWS.

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