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Bokke Lager from Pickled Pig Brewery

Sun, 2011-09-04 03:11 -- bob
Bokke Lager from Pickled Pig Brewery

IT’S surprising what you can discover right under your nose.

While venturing around Tweed Heads recently, I came across the Coast’s newest
brewery, the Pickled Pig Brewery.

Located in the site of the former Tweed Heads South U-Brew-It franchise, the Pickled Pig Brewery utilizes the equipment and facilities but has a different structure commercially and the brews that come out of it are also more varied than the previous operation.

The man behind the Pickled Pig is Paul Brewer (I kid you not), a South African who decided on a career change having settled on the Gold Coast.

Paul confesses that he is “still learning about brewing” but he has some experienced staff to assist and who isn’t, but what he has done is developed an interesting range of beers which don’t stay with the mainstream brews that micro brewery franchises offer.

The Pickled Pig offers up to 150 different beers which you can make as a 50 litre batch or they sell direct to the public so you can try a batch to see if you like it before brewing up some in bulk.

Beers like his Bokke Lager, based on South African Castle, is only $15 for a 330ml six

It is a lighter style of beer, suited to those who enjoy the low carb, blonde beers on the

It has floral fragrance, is clean and crisp across the palate and doesn’t sit heavily in the
gut nor does it pack a robust flavour or excessive bitterness in the aftertaste.

At 4.6 percent, it’s no lightweight in the alcohol department and will find favour with
those who are enjoy the current influx of ‘white’ beers.

The Bokke is a very social drop and a good thirst quencher on a hot day.

However, should you decide to brew a batch at the Pickled Pig and want to try something outside the square so that your beer takes on a certain flavour characteristic, Paul can oblige.

Unlike some micro beer franchises that won’t let you venture outside the recipe, at the
Pickled Pig it’s OK – you’re only limited by your sense of taste.

The brewery holds tasting sessions on a regular basis to allow beer lovers the chance to
try before they brew.


The Pickled Pig Brewery allows you to sample and experiment with beers while
providing guidance on the floor. From $15 per six pack, it’s a unique niche between
home brewing and buying commercially. Contact the Pickled Pig Brewery on 5523 0808 or email Paul at

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