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The Constable Cooper Ale

Sun, 2013-12-29 15:09 -- bob
The Constable Cooper Ale

I THINK the hardest thing the people at James Squire have to do is come up with appropriate names for their new brews.

The latest to join the impressive range is The Constable Copper Ale , which as the name suggests, has a rich, clean gold copper appearance with a solid tight white head and in true English style isn't overly gassy.

What is also has is a delicious aroma, slightly floral with citrus notes but it also combines some distinct hop and malt qualities as well.

Whilst there a deal of complexity to this ale if the nose is anything to go by, there's also a fantastic balance to this beer.

It is smooth and creamy across the palate, offering up good body and flavour that lingers nicely before giving way to enough bitterness to be slightly cleansing and drawing you back for more.

The smoothness of the beer rides on the back of the malts but that isn't overpower nor does it make the beer brand like some heavily malted beers can be after a while.

It's not too heavy in the gut despite being an English style of beer but the real surprise is that it is a mid strength at 3.4 percent so its sessionability is very good.

For that factor alone, being a mid, The Constable is in a class of its own because at last there is a beer in the alcohol range with character and class.

I would suggest it would be ideal with a steak and kidney pie or a decent spicy curry.

It's a thirst quencher and a good year-round drop and a worthy addition to the James Squire range.

This is one Constable I would gladly be apprehended by.


Serve this cold in a decent tulip glass to appreciate its qualities but it is equally as enjoyable straight out of the stubbie. It's a bit pricey for a mid strength at around $18 per 330m six pack but is available through all national chains.

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