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Coopers Celebration Ale

Tue, 2013-04-23 06:48 -- bob
Coopers Celebration Ale

HAVING been partial to Coopers beers for quite some time, it's always pleasant to find something new which they have added to their range.

The Thomas Coopers Celebration Ale has been brewed to mark the 150th anniversary of founder Thomas Cooper's first foray into making beer.

He and his descendants have done a pretty good job since, and the Celebration Ale is a very worthy drop to mark the big occasion.

It has a rich bronze appearance with a tight white head and an enticing malt aroma with a hint of hops.

There's plenty of body as you'd expect from Coopers (though some of their later releases have been a bit thin in that department) and the initial impression is one of well-balanced malt notes coming through.

However the after taste reveals a slight "nuttiness" and just the right degree of bitterness to make this a classy thirst quencher.

Actually that's the best word to use about this drop - it comes in a flash bottle and even if it isn't the usually Coops 375ml, it's not far off.

It's no light weight beer, being 5.2 per cent and while it's not gassy, it is heavier than many other ales and some may find it "filling".

That said, it has excellent session ability if you are a seasoned drinker - blonde style beer lovers might find it a bit potent.

Being a stronger beer, I suggest this is an ideal afternoon relaxing-type beer, one which you can set back and share with friends after a long day.

It's not a barbecue beer but one which you could enjoy with a cheese platter, perhaps a spicy sausage or even a fruit-based dessert.

This is an anniversary beer but fortunately the response has been so good that Cooper have decided to keep it going..

It is a certain a fine drop to salute Thomas Cooper - here's to another 150 years of brewing!


This is a stylish beer and well worth the $17 per 355ml six pack. I would suggest you serve it in a snifter glass - tulip or balloon just to appreciate the aroma - nice and cold but not chilled.

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