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Wed, 2014-10-29 00:13 -- bob

AMERICAN beer Coors claims to be the “the world’s most refreshing beer”. It also has a really cool label which, when you get the stubbie cold enough, parts of it turn blue. To see this happen, the stubbie has to be chilled and then the depiction of the Rocky Mountains goes blue along with a little tag on the label saying it is cold enough to drink. This is a very neat party trick.

As for the beer - did I tell you the label turns blue when the beer stubbie gets really cold? Did I also tell you Coors claims to be the “world’s most refreshing beer”?

All right, I might be dodging around the issue but sadly Coors, in my opinion, isn't the world’s most refreshing beer (and doesn't even come close). You need to have tolerance to drink some of the major American brews - they obviously appeal to a different palate - but I find it hard to know what sort of palate this appeals to because there is very little taste. It’s full strength at 4.2 per cent, sits lightly in the gut and would appeal to anyone who doesn't like the taste of beer.

I found this to be very wanting in terms of flavour, aroma and appeal and very bland. Beer is a subjective thing - each to their own but I'm afraid you need more than a clever label if you want to make an impression on the Aussie beer market.

MY TIP: Get this bottle chilled and watch the label turn blue - it's about the most exciting thing about this US drop. It’s around $45 a carton through major chains.

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Ray Seale's picture

Ray Seale (not verified)

This review us spot on. I'm from the USA and many folks here feel the same. Ick.

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