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Crown Gold

Sun, 2010-06-27 09:22 -- bob
Crown Gold

THE crowded mid-strength beer market has a new player in Crown Gold.

It isn’t so much a new beer but one which has been relaunched in a new shaped bottle, similar to the low alcohol Sterling bottle except with a distinctive Crown Gold label.

Mid strength beers can run the risk of being caught in no man’s land in terms of flavour and body but this Crown doesn’t lack either.

It will draw comparisons to the well-known full strength Crown and the first thing you’ll notice is that the flavour is a little more subtle and not quite as bitter.

It is smooth across the palate, has plenty of body to it and does present as a distinctive beer in its own right, not an imitation of the original with the alcohol content reduced.

In fact I found it to be an easier lager to drink than the full strength Crown and its sessionability is very good.

Crown Gold is a great social beer at 3.5 percent and ideally suited for barbies and parties.

I suspect that being a mid strength, it will be making a mark at plenty of functions with its stylish bottle and trademark Crown label.

It’s a versatile year round beer so the choice of foods you could marry to it is very broad.

There are plenty of main stream mid strength beers out there which fill the market but fail to fill anything else.

Crown Gold at least offers a beer which you can drink and enjoy without having to go through the motions.


Crown Gold needs to served up cold. The Fosters Group are proud of their new look bottle and since the vast majority of Crownie drinkers indulge straight form the stubbie, forget the glass. The other good thing is that this is a twist top – no more need for searching for bottle openers as you once did with Crown. At around $14 per … six pack, it’s also not bad value.

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Dave's picture

Dave (not verified)

I was not much of a beer drinker until i tryed crown gold which i have been drinking for some years until now.Have they stoped making it as I can not seem to buy it any where and i have tryed a shit load of other beers but none come close.

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