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Endeavour Amber Ale Reserve 2010

Wed, 2011-02-09 01:09 -- bob
Endeavour Amber Ale Reserve 2010

HAVING been impressed with the Endeavour 2010 Reserve Pale Ale, it was with considerable interest that I sampled the Amber Ale of the same vintage.

This drop from Sydney is a fine well-balance ale which delivers on flavour and body.

It has a rich bronze appearance with a good tight white head and a well rounded malt aroma with subtle barley notes coming through.

Sometimes, the malt bouquet is a give away to what you can expect from a beer but with this premium drop, there’s more complexity and those who aren’t really fussed on malty beers will be pleasantly surprised.

While the malt adds to the smooth nature of the ale and also rounds out the body, there barley adds to its bitterness.

You may even detect a very subtle hint of chocolate thanks to the malts used.

There’s an interesting aftertaste which is the result of the above mentioned qualities of this ale and the result is a beer which draws you back very easily.

It has plenty of body and isn’t a quaffing beer but it wouldn’t be too hard to put a few away at the end of the day.

I would call this a thirst quencher but rather an ale to sit back and appreciate at your leisure.

It’s no light weight beer either at 5.2 percent but the flavours mask the fact that it is a heavy beer.

I would suggest it makes a perfect accompaniment for red meat dishes or even game meats and while you could enjoy this at any time of the year, I could see it coming into it’s element as the temperature starts to drop.

This is another quality beer from the Endeavour Brewery.


Like its Pale Ale cousin, this Endeavour Amber Ale is a premium beer and sits at the high end of the market at around $18 per 330ml four pack. However it you appreciate a quality beer and have a mate or two that do as well, indulge yourself – life’s short!

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