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Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer

Fri, 2011-09-02 13:08 -- bob
Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer

IF there’s one thing to be said of Brenna and Peta Fielding from the Burleigh Brewing Company, it’s that they are never satisfied with producing your run-of –the mill beers.

Brennan is prepared to venture down paths not normally taken by many beer brewers and Peta has a happy knack of coming up with names which suits Brennan’s creations.

The latest offering from the Burleigh Brewing is Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer.

It’s an unusual name for an intriguing beer which has been inspired by, of all things, anzac biscuits.

Brennan has tried to capture elements of the biscuit in a smooth, clean and creamy ale.

It has cherry appearance, clear with a white head and an aroma which serves up a number
of different elements – malt, vanilla and a hint of coconut.

It has good body, has the creaminess of an ale but without the heavy nature some ales

While it is inspired by a biscuit, don’t be fools this is has a biscuit taste – there’s more to
it than that with malt/oat flavour coming through over a subtle hint of coconut.

The aftertaste lives up to the name and makes this a very moorish ale with good sessionability.

I first thought it might be better suited to the cooler months as many ales are but served
nice and cold, it could be a surprising lunch time drop.

It’s no light weight at 5 percent and like a good anzac biscuit, it’s hard to stop at one.

Like all Burleigh Brewing beers, it’s brewed naturally with no added nasties.

Having a slight sweetness to it, I might suggest you try this with a good dessert – pecan
pie – or any sort of good pastry dessert might do.

Perhaps the bets thing about Fanny Gertrude is invite some friends over and let them

Thank god for brewers like Brennan who are looking outside the square – I wonder what
he can do with Iced Vo Vos?


Serve this nice and cold but not chilled in a decent tulip shaped glass or one that allows
you to really appreciate the aroma, the colour and flavour complexity, Fanny Gertrude’s
is available on tap at selected outlets on the Coast and is also in bottle shops at xxxxx per 650ml bottle. To find out where you can get it, visit

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