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Fortitude Brewing Company Pacer 2.8

Mon, 2016-02-01 15:39 -- bob
Fortitude Brewing Company Pacer 2.8

LIGHT beers have never really interested for good reason – very few have any flavour. Being responsible shouldn’t come at the cost of enjoyment and fortunately the Fortitude Brewing Company in Mt Tamborine have come up with a winner in their Pacer 2.8.

As the name suggests Pacer 2.8 is 2.8 per cent but more importantly, it has a great hop flavour to it which you might find in many of the pale ales on the market.

It has clean, crisp appearance, a tight white head and a fruity nose which suggests more than what you might expect from a light. It is clean and refreshing across the palate with good bitterness in the aftertaste and has good sessionability (yes, a light which you actually want more of).

It goes down easily and doesn’t sit heavily in the gut but does present good flavour – did I make that point? In fact, there would be more than a few drinkers who wouldn’t know the different between Pacer and some of its more fancied full-strength pale ale rivals.

This is a great barbecue beer which would go well with seafood or salad and doesn’t make you like a leper for drinking light.

Brewed at Mt Tamborine, it is limited in the market so you may have to ask your local bottlo to get some in to try. Visit the website at or if you are on the Gold Coast, try it on tap at Pigs & Pints in the Q1 building.


Pace 2.8 is a great refreshing warm weather ale which is ideal for parties or just a thirst quencher. Being a craft beer, It is a little more expensive than commercial lights at around $17 per 330ml six-pack.

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