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Founders Breakfast Stout

Wed, 2015-12-09 21:04 -- bob
Founders Breakfast Stout

I AM sure that we have all come across some beer-loving 'hero' who has boasted "I could have beer for breakfast!". Well, I have come across one that will put that person to the test - Founders Breakfast Stout.

Now I am not suggesting that this be consumed at the start of the day, far from it as it is the perfect closer, especially in cooler weather. Imported from the US, this is a rich full-flavoured, full-bodied double chocolate, oatmeal stout (what a mouthful) which is a wonderful sensory overload. It has a dark coffee-coloured head sitting atop a midnight black brew. The aroma is delicious in itself, combining rich coffee and chocolate notes with just a hint of malts.

It is wonderfully smooth and rich across the palate, filling the mouth completely with coffee/chocolate flavour and just a little bitterness when leaving. It is warming on the way down, thanks to the fact it is 8.3 per cent and being a stout with plenty of body, it is very filling.

This is definitely not a quaffing drink but one to sit back and savour in front of fire or at the end of the evening. While it would be hard to stop at one, two will definitely have you nodding off at night with breakfast the only thing on your mind. This would be a perfect accompaniment with mud cake or chocolate desserts. However it is a ‘meal’ on its own. This is a coffee lover’s stout.


Serve this cold in a balloon-shaped glass to fully appreciate it. After a while as it gets lightly warmer, it takes on added character and is wonderfully morish. However, at around $7-8 a stubbie or about $25 a 355ml four-pack, it is a special occasion drop but worth every mouthful.

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