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Wed, 2010-02-10 10:07 -- bob

When a beer is advertised as coming from the Black Forest region of Germany, you would naturally expect it to be good – if not great.

Furstenberg comes from that famous beer brewing region and while it retains that typical German beer aroma thanks to a generous blend of malts and hops, it doesn’t have that same full bodied flavour which its Bavarian cousins do.

It is still brewed in pure German style (no additives or preservatives) which you be grateful for if you have a few but it is lighter in nature to many German beers, almost like a blonde.

It’s a premium lager which is full strength, at 5.3 percent but doesn’t hit you hard and it has a great aroma and a light golden/straw colour with a good creamy white head.

It’s crisp and clean across the palate and definitely doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

For this reason, it’s a good summer beer and fairly socialable.

While it is easy to drink a few, I found it a little bit wanting in the sessionability department because there wasn’t a lot bring me back after each mouthful.

However with the malt flavours and lighter nature of the beer, it would lend itself to lighter Asian foods, perhaps a mild curry or even a bit of Greek food.

Furstenberg isn’t a bad lager and it is definitely priced right at around $14 per six pack but when you come from a country that has produced some outstanding beers, you need to be great to stand out from the rest.


This is a good summer beer so serve it up nice and cold. A tall or tulip glass glass will allow you to appreciate the aroma, colour and head but just be advised that it is strong but doesn’t taste it so don’t plan on going anywhere or have a driver handy.

At around $14 per 330ml six pack, it’s certainly priced right and for those who don’t like the robust flavours of many German beers, this is worth trying out – prost!

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