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Hahn Belgian White

Thu, 2011-02-17 12:31 -- bob
Hahn Belgian White

AS a beer columnist, there are times when you can’t seem to find something new to try and just when I thought I was stuck for this week, White before my eyes, Hahn was come up with an answer.

Hahn Belgian White is the latest in what I would term ‘summer beers’ which are drops which are ideally suited to the warmer months.

This offering from Hahn has a solid golden appearance, a good tight white head and distinct citrus aroma.

It’s light in nature without an overbearing body and the flavour reflects the citrus bouquet and although I wouldn’t say this is a sweet beer, it doesn’t have the pronounced bitterness you’d expect from a Euro-style beer.

It doesn’t sit heavy in the gut and at 4.2 percent, while considered full strength, its
alcohol strength doesn’t mean on a hot day, you are going get wasted quickly.

White is a great thirst quencher and refreshing as well on a hot day but the flavour it offers sets it apart from other ‘lighter style’ or blonde style beer.

It’s a very social beer, well suited for barbeques though I would suggest this is a great beer to serve up with salads, fresh seafoods and some of your lighter speiced Aisa/Indian dishes.

It’s very versatile and would even make (and is) a good cleansing ale after the meal.

On a hot day after work, you’ll have no problem chugging quite a few of these down.

It’s a beer which appeal to those who are looking for an option to your run of the millfare and aren’t a fan of beers with too much bitterness.

Hahn is ‘white’ on the money with this drop!


Seve this nice and cold in a decent beer glass to appreciate the aroma. There’s a
suggestion on the bottle to even add a slice of orange to the beer (like the Belgians do) but I wouldn’t go that far because I think it would detract from what is a great alternative to boring blondes. At xxxx per 330ml six pack, it’s also good value.

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