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James Squire, Mad Brewer - Orchard Ale

Wed, 2010-02-24 08:55 -- bob
James Squire, Mad Brewer - Orchard Ale

THE great thing about being classified as a ‘mad brewer’ is that you can get away with anything.

From the crew at James Squire (who produce some outstanding beers) comes the latest in their Mad Brewer range - Orchard Ale.

The Mad Brewer beers are a strictly limited release and generally push the boundaries of what can be achieved through brewing.

However I must ales add that not all their drops are for the general beer consuming public.

Orchard Ale has a rich bronze colour and a very distinctive aroma.

When I read the tasting notes that said it was made in Saison of farmhouse-style of beer which can be found around Belgium and France.

There’s a hoppy to the beer and also bitterness in the aftertaste but wait, there’s more!

The brewers at James squire added 20 percent apple juice to make life interesting and to the complex nature of the beer.

I’m not sure whether too many people are that complex and Orchard Ale is definitely an acquired taste.

It’s a beer which challenges you on a number of levels.

It’s not a thirst quencher and although it is smooth, it does have plenty of body to it and I found it to be a little heavy in the gut.

It’s not a beer you would have a session on, rather one to sit and analyse and its nature makes it a better cooler weather beer.

It would go well with pork (with apple sauce) or more robust flavours such as a good cheese or pate.

The one thing that Orchard Ale does have beer lovers wondering is – ‘what will they come up with next?’


This is strictly limited release from James Squire and may be hard to come by but if you do, it might be worth getting a bottle to discover just what can be done with beer and just how diverse the beer market is. It is available at selected outlets around the country or can be ordered on line through the Micro Beer Club at

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