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James Squire Malt Runner

Wed, 2010-06-02 17:20 -- bob
James Squire Malt Runner

WITH the cooler weather, I find it’s a perfect time to go for slightly heavier, darker beers so when James Squire brought out their latest limited release, Malt Runner, you could say the timing was perfect.

As the name suggests, this drop from the Malt Shovel Brewery is a delightful blend of malts with some other subtle flavours coming through to intrigue the palate.

It is full bodied, smooth and not too bitter.

It has a rich dark colour, (my son said it looks like Coke) and the aroma is dominated by the malt but you can detect a hint of chocolate which you can also pick up in the after taste.

When you first try this, take a good size mouthful and let it line your mouth to truly appreciate this drop.

It is smooth and rich across the palate and you may pick up a slight caramel/toffee flavour mixed amongst the malt.

At 5.2 percent, it is a strong beer but it’s no ‘face grenade’ and doesn’t hit you with a thud.

It is a heavy beer in the gut, being so rich in malts but that doesn’t means you can’t enjoy a few in one sitting. Be warned if you area low carb fan – you may have to go for a run after a few Malt Runners.

In the cooler weather, I found it to be quite warming after a couple but I don’t think you could have a huge session on it.

It would go well with a hearty stew or casserole but it would be perfect with a rich desert like a sticky date or chocolate cake – true story.

The only catch to Malt Runner is that it is a limited release and as such, you’ll need to be quick to get some.

It is released nationally through the major outlets but there was only 9000 cases produced – why boys, it’s such a good drop it should go quick!

For those who like their beers with plenty of body and flavour, especially malts, James Squire has come up with the ideal winter companion in Malt Runner.


Be quick and get yourself at least a six pack but be aware that this a limited release premium beer which retails for around $19 per 345ml six pack. For those who like the lighter style of beers, you may find this a bit overpowering. However I suggest you save up and buy a carton because if you have friends like mine, once they have tried Malt Runner be prepared to hear “ya got any more?”.

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