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Kwencher Pale Ale

Fri, 2013-10-25 07:37 -- bob
Kwencher Pale Ale

WHEN it comes to unusual beers, there's few that can pass Geelong brewery, Kwencher's Clingstone Peach and Dark Tea fusion beer so to find that they also have a pale ale was a little bit of a let down.

While it might be a more 'conventional' drop, there's nothing ho hum about it – in fact the pale is one of the best going and has claimed plenty of awards to prove it.

While there seems to be a new pale popping up almost monthly, this is definitely one to note. The only problem is that it is not that easy to get. However, it is worth chasing as it is a particularly good pale ale.

It has a straw/pale golden colour with a slight cloudiness, a good white head and a floral nose with fruit notes (you might think of passionfruit). You can also pick up a subtle hop aroma as well.

It is in keeping with some of the more aromatic US pale ales but not quite as pronounced.

It is full of flavour, clean and crisp across the palate and leaves a well-balanced bitterness in the aftertaste, which isn't overpowering but is refreshing and adds to the moreishness of the ale.

It doesn't sit heavily in the gut but is full strength and 4.7 per cent yet doesn't pack a wallop and has great sessionability.

Kwencher is well-balanced in retaining the qualities that you would expect from a pale ale without being too tricky in its complexity - having you wondering just what flavours are in the beer.

It's a great seafood beer, with fresh prawns, white-fleshed fish or light summer dishes. And as the name hints, it's an ideal beer to have at the end of a hot day – thirst quenching and satistying.

However you will either have to go on line to order a case or pay a visit the brewery to get some. It is available at limited outlets in Victoria and they are slowly looking at expanding its distribution. If there is any criticism, that's it – oh and the price!


Serve this nice and cold, preferably in a tulip-shaped glass to appreciate the bouquet. It's not cheap at $82 a 24x330ml carton through online outlet - it might be cheaper to go to Geelong and buy it directly from the brewer.

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