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Little Pigs Lager

Sat, 2014-12-27 11:56 -- bob
Little Pigs Lager

THE Pickled Pig Brewery at Tweed Heads South continues to serve up surprises and Little Pigs Lager is one of their latest offerings.

This lager has plenty of body, a tight white head with a balanced hop aroma.

It has a very slight cloudiness, which adds to the flavour.

It comes across the palate as a very smooth, full-flavoured lager with a solid hop blend, which leaves a good bitterness in the aftertaste.

It is a slightly heavier beer and, after a few, it might pull up those who aren't seasoned lager drinkers, but is a good thirst quencher and is very sessionable.

Pickled Pig brewer Paul Brewer (I kid you not) prides himself on delivering beer which is chemical and preservative free but without losing any of the integrity of the beer he is making.

At 4.7 per cent, there’s nothing light about this drop.

I think it would go down well with a decent shepherd's pie or a hearty stew and while it is ideal for the cooler months, it’s a lager which can be enjoyed anytime.

If you do drop in to the Pickled Pig Brewery at Tweed Heads South, you can also taste some of the other more unique styles Paul has on offer, including a range of gluten-free alcoholic drinks, beers, ciders and lemon, lime and bitters which are full strength and retain good flavour, unlike some gluten-free beers and drinks on the market.


Get this Little Pig nice and cold, but not chilled, and you’ll soon find yourself knocking this one down. At $15 for a 330ml six-pack, it’s good value. Find out more about the Pickled Pig Brewery at

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