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Tue, 2011-05-10 23:23 -- bob

THE first and possibly the most impressive thing you notice about Lucky beer is the

Shaped like a laughing Buddha, you’d buy this beer just for that however what good is a
beer if you are only going to look at it.

This Chinese beer is brewed on a rice base combined with barley to deliver something
that’s a bit different to your usual Asian fare.

It has a honey gold appearance and is slightly hazy when first poured into a glass.

There’s a frothy white head and a slight barley aroma with hints of citrus.

For those who don’t like distinctive beer smells, this should appeal.

It is light and clean across the palate without too much body.

There’s an initial slight bitterness in the aftertaste but the end result is sweet in beer terms but not sickly.

There’s plenty of aeration in this beer but it’s not so gassy as to have you burping all the

There’s a Moorish quality to Lucky which does add to its sessionability and it is a very
easy beer to drink.

You could certainly knock over a few of the little Buddha’s but I would necessarily say it is a thirst quenching beer.

It lends itself to most lighter style foods, from Mediterranean to Asian, seafoods to salads
and is certainly a good party beer.

If you enjoy an ‘infused’ beer or a radler, you’ll enjoy Lucky.

While it may lack a bit of body, it’s no light weight in alcohol at 4.8 percent and certainly doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

This is a beer which would appeal to those who don’t enjoy strong or pronounce
bitterness or dominant flavours in their beers.

At the very least, once you have finished, the bottles make pretty cool candle holders!


Serve Lucky nice and cold. You can enjoy it straight out of the bottle which is a real
talking point at parties. If you like lighter style beers with a hint of sweetness to them,
you in luck with this Chinese drop. At around $16.50 for a six pack of 330ml bottles, it’s
not bad value and you can always find a use for the bottles afterward.

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