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The Mash Collective Heart Breaker

Wed, 2015-03-04 23:40 -- bob
Heart Breaker from The Mash Collective

FROM an eclectic group of people, known as The Mash Collective, comes an intriguing ale called Heart Breaker.

The Mash Collective have an affiliation with Stone & Wood brewing though their beers seem to be far more experimental than for mainstream production.

Heart Breaker is a limited release red ale, full of body and flavour and definitely worth tracking down.

It is a plum red, slightly cloudy in appearance with a very tight white head and an aroma which leaves you pondering just what’s in the brew.

There are hints of fruit and spice, subtle but enough to suggest that there’s plenty more to this ale than what is given away initially in sight and smell. It is smooth and crisp across the palate, filling the mouth with flavours.

There’s an interesting mix of spice and sweetness but well balanced where the initial spiciness gives way to the very subtle sweetness before leaving the back of the mouth with a cleansing bitterness.

At 5.5 per cent, it’s no light weight beer but surprisingly this doesn’t sit heavily in the gut. It’s not a quaffing beer but one to be savoured and while it will definitely draw you back for more, it’s not a beer that you’d have a big session on.

However, you will be in for a wait because it only comes out on rare occasions though I have heard that the Stone & Wood crew might be thinking it’s worthy of a re-run, let’s hope so!

MY TIP: You may have to appeal to The Mash Collective to make more but you can find them through their website at

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