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Sat, 2013-08-03 20:55 -- bob
Monterrey cerveza

WHEN it comes to cerveza - Mexican-style beer - I can either take it or leave it.

While a lot of people swear by Corona, I also know a lot of people who swear at Corona for losing its authenticity.

There are many other cervezas in the marketplace that are imported and have a better taste and a few which you should just steer clear of.

However, being a beer columnist, it is my duty to inform the beer drinking public of what is available and one to attract my attention is Monterrey.

This fully imported product of Guatemala is a cerveza with a surprising amount going for it.

It has the clear, golden colour you'd expect from this style of beer and pours with a tight white head.

The initial nose is a little confronting but don’t let that put you off because once you get past that, you might detect a hop note with just a slight citrus hint to it.

However this isn't an 'infused' flavour beer and delivers a crisp but slightly creamy body with initial hops coming through which gives way to a subtle bitter finish.

There's even a slight sweetness to this but it's not sickening and at 4.6 per cent, it's full-strength beer but it doesn't sit heavy in the gut.

It's a very easy drinking beer which has very good sessionability and while it would go well at a party or barbecue, it would be out of place with fresh seafood or Mexican cuisine.

I could spoil this by adding fruit to it but simply enjoy it for being a decent thirst quenching at the right price.


Straight from the stubbie or in a tall glass, it goes down easy and at $12 per 355ml six pack, it's good value.

You'll find a taste of central America at those Aldi stores allowed to sell alcohol – yet another reason to drop in and check out what the crafty German retailer is selling.

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