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Murray's Heart of Darkness

Thu, 2012-11-08 07:55 -- bob
Murray's Heart of Darkness

Being partial to dark beers, how could I possibly go past Murray’'s Heart of Darkness stout from Murray's Craft Brewing at Port Stephens.

This deliciously black brew is not for the faint hearted or those who like the girly-man’ beers.

Inspired by Belgian stouts, this drop is the colour of midnight with a coffee head and not a real lot of evervesence.

However it does have tempting chocolate/malt nose which isn’t as confronting as some stouts.

It is a smooth rich creamy drop that fills the mouth with flavour.

There’s a hint of sweetness (but only a hint) and this doesn’t have any strong roasted malt notes coming through which you'’d expect from big deep stouts.

Be warned, this is a strong drop at 9.6% and it does make it mark on the way down and you know you have had a few pretty quickly.

While an ideal cold weather drop, there smooth well-balanced nature of this stout would allow you to enjoy it almost any evening.

This is definitely a stout to savored at home – just be prepared not to do too much after you’ve had one or two.


Get this nice and cold but don’t drink it chilled, even allow it to breathe for a little while. It’s not cheap and at $22 per 330ml stubbie at selected outlets or you could order through the brewery website at

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