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My Wife's Bitter by the Burleigh Brewing Company

Sun, 2009-09-27 06:56 -- bob
My Wife's Bitter by the Burleigh Brewing Company

THE beauty of having your own brewery it that you can ‘experiment’ with new brews.

That’s exactly what has happened with the Burleigh Brewing Company – makers of the Duke range.

Master brewer Brennan Fielding and his wife Peta have come up with a limited release of English Bitter –style drop with the unique title of My Wife’s Bitter.

With a full flavoured body to it, My Wife’s Bitter offers a malty appeal with a hint of caramel in the aftertaste.

It is 4.8 percent alcohol and features Fuggles and East Kent Holdings hops.

The name implies a bitter but I found that wasn’t the case though it did have that quality which kept drawing you back.

The beer comes in a 650ml bottle which is screen-printed with an appealing logo on the front and some interesting information on the back, it is a worthy addition to any bar, even when drunk!

However, this is strictly limited and is being snapped up at a rapid rate.

But fear not beer lovers, Peta Fielding, the woman behind the beer (she named if after being overlooked for naming inspiration on hubby Brennan’s previous two brew were named after their kids) is ‘sweet’ with the demand for the English Bitter.

I would tend to suggest this would be a great accompaniment for dishes such as lamb cutlets, duck or a red meat dish without a ‘heavy sauce’.

If you visit the Burleigh Brewing Company website at you can find out where to get it (if there is any left!).


This is a drop best served cold but not chilled. It has the qualities of being a good thirst quencher and has good sessionability. Some might find this a bit ‘filling’, being a slightly heavier style of beer but it has a great flavour and body and a lingering aftertaste which isn’t that bitter.

Being a bolder style of beer, My Wife’s Bitter will appeal to those who enjoy plenty of flavour with their brews. But you will have to be quick to grab on bottle which sells for between $8-$10 per 650ml bottle at selected outlets.

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