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Mythos Greek Lager

Thu, 2011-01-20 07:47 -- bob
Mythos Greek Lager

IF you are looking for something a little different over the holidays, consider going Greek – beer that is!

Mythos authentic Greek Lager beer hasn’t been around for that long but it has a plenty of the qualities which should appeal to a broad beer drinking market.

It has a good golden colour with a fine white head and with a very subtle hop/barley aroma.

It is clean and crisp across the palate with just enough bitterness to draw you back in terms of quenching a thirst.

It doesn’t sit heavily in the gut and is ideally suited to the warmer months.

It is definitely what I would class as a ‘cleansing lager’ but it is easy to drink and has good sessionability.

While you get good flavour, there’s no one element which dominates but it does have a moorish nature to it which draws you back.

On a hot day, this is a good thirst quencher.

It also lends itself to light Mediterranean dishes (not surprises there) and so seafood and salads.

It’s no light weight beer at 4.7 percent and while it could be compared with some blonde style beers this is offers more flavour-wise.

It would also go well after a meal to refresh the palate – just don’t bring any ouzo!


Serve Mythos nice and cold and because its aroma isn’t so pronounced, enjoy straight from the stubbie. It’s well- suited to our warmer climate and at around $16 per 330ml six pack is a great alternative during the festive season.

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