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Old Time Premium Lager

Sun, 2013-12-22 07:44 -- bob
Old Time Premium Lager

AFTER being bombarded with plenty of summer-style/cerveza beers, it’s time to go in search of something with body and a bit of flavor.

These days, it’s not hard to do – the challenge comes in being brave enough to commit to something you haven’t tried before . Steering clear of the blondes, the infused beers, cervezas and low carb specials, I opted for Old Time Premium Lager.

This drop, brewed in Victoria, is a pleasant change from the run- of- the- mill beers and when you first open it, you can smell the difference.

It has a wonderful rich copper/bronze appearance, with a great tight white head and isn't going off in the gas department.

It has a rich roasted malt nose with a subtle hop aroma and it’s a combination which raises hopes.

The initial mouthful is a little surprising – smooth and a little creamy across the palate without a great flavour hit. You may find yourself waiting for an expected slightly caramel taste if the bouquet was any indication and while you can detect the malts, there’s a more distinct hop flavour coming through which leaves a pleasant but not overpower bitterness in the after taste.

However I found that by the third mouthful, the roasted malts where far more detectable and very moreish.

It is full of body and at 4.6 percent has good strength to match.

I found it an easy lager to drink though it is heavy and you will know it after a few. It is a seasonable beer but I think it may be better suited to the cooler months.

It’s a drop which I’d suggest with a good chunky stew or pie in ceramic bowl. It might even be a good way to finish the night after a well –rounded finish to it.

It’s an interesting lager – if you like the `lighter’ style beers you may find this a bit too `full’.

Old Time Lager is a drop I could enjoy almost any time..


Serve this cold but not too cold in a tulip glass to appreciate the aroma. At $19 a 330ml six pack from First Choice outlets, it’s in the premium end of the market though I don’t think it is quite as good as some other brews around the same price.

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