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Sun, 2010-05-30 17:53 -- bob

Browsing in the bottle recently, I came across an unusual lager called Oranjeboom.
It wasn’t just the name that intrigued me but the price - $14 per six pack.

Naturally I had to try it and for the price I wasn’t expecting too much.

I’m pleased to say that this Dutch beer, which is brewing and produced in Germany under licence for export, is a true surprise packet, offering up plenty of body with good flavour.

It has a good white head with a strong amber/gold clean appearance and isn’t over gassy.

As you might expect from European beers, this lager has a malt/hop aroma which translates through to the flavour.

Unlike some other cheap Euro beers which come on the market from time to time, Oranjeboom (Orange Tree) isn’t lacking in this area and while there is the clear malt flavour, it isn’t overpowering and leaves the palate with a crisp aftertaste with just enough bitterness to keep you coming back for more.

Has good ‘sessionability’ (easy to drink more than one) and although it’s 5 percent and a true heavy, it doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

It has a knack of sneaking up on you so just don’t plan on driving.

For those looking for a beer which isn’t blonde, isn’t mid-strength and does offer up flavour, Oranjeboom is the answer.

It’s very refreshing after a long day and with the malt flavour, would be ideally suited to spicey sausage dishes, meatballs, or the humble Aussie BBQ.


Serve this up nice and cold – either in the glass of straight out of the bottle is just as good. This is a very social beer, ideal for parties and tough economic times. I suspect this will sell out quickly from major retail outlets like Macs at under $14 for a 330ml six pack.

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