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Phoenix from Mauritius

Wed, 2011-04-13 05:38 -- bob
Phoenix from Mauritius

THIS week’s beer is delicious, nutritious and comes from Mauritius.

Alright so it might not be that nutritious but two out of three ain’t bad.

Phoenix is a product from Mauritius and I happened across it by accident – lucky me.

This is a great lager with all the qualities you arte after in a beer.

It has a good cooper colour with a tight white head and a barley aroma which isn’t too

There plenty of body in the initial mouthful but it is smooth and clean across the palate
and leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste with a well-balanced degree of bitterness.

It’s no light weight beer at 5 percent but it is light in nature but not in flavour.

Even though is it full strength, it doesn’t hit you but be warned, this is a sneaky little drop which will catch up with you eventually because it is so easy to knock over.

It doesn’t sit heavily in the gut and as for being a thirst quencher, it’s right on the money.

The only draw back is that it only comes in four packs so why waste time, go buy a

This is a very social beer with excellent sessionability and is ideally suited to Aussie
conditions (regardless of the weather).

I would suggest that it would go well with lighter style dishes, seafoods, salads and Mediterranean foods but it could be equally at home at a barbie.

It is versatile beer which will appeal to those who don’t mind blonde or low carb beers.

However this has flavour and body which makes it a winner in my eyes.

And besides, if some asks what you are drinking, you could always use my opening line!


Serve this up nice a cold but not chilled. It’s an easy beer to drink and is priced right at
just $8.50 a four pack of 330ml stubbies. Even if you buy two four backs, you are getting eight stubbies for $17 which is still good value.

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