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Pickled Pig Brewery Midnight Special

Tue, 2016-03-08 00:00 -- bob
Midnight Special

TWEED Heads’ Pickled Pig Brewery has once again gone against the norm and come up with an unusual but intriguing dark beer named Midnight Special.

Pickled Pig founder Paul Brewer likes to think outside the square. With this hybrid dark ale, in his quest to come up with something different, he has produced a dry black beer which has floral notes which you would expect to find in a pale ale. It actually defies many rules – sort of an old/pale ale-cross which actually works well.

It a dark plum colour with a white head and while you’d expect malt notes to dominate, you actually get a distinct floral citrus aroma. That translates to the flavour and your initial mouthful may have you hold the glass back and wondering just what it is you are drinking. It has good body and offers plenty of flavour which is an interesting blend – malt and fruitiness which is smooth, not too gassy and leaves a hint of bitterness which draws you back.

It is a full strength beer at 4.8 per cent but doesn’t sit heavily in the gut like some other black beers and for that reason has good sessionability. This isn’t a novelty beer and one which would be even better on tap. It may initially alienate lovers of dark/black beers and pale ale fans but it does grow on you.

Production of this unique beer is in its infancy in terms of quantity but more is being made.

MY TIP: Served nice and cold but not chilled. It is best in a tulip glass and shared with friends. At $20 per 330ml sixpack it is in the premium range. For more, visit

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