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Prickly Moses Red Ale

Tue, 2013-11-26 08:08 -- bob
Prickly Moses Red Ale

I HAVE to confess that I have a soft spot for "coloured" beers.

I don’t mean green beer on St Pat’s Day or party beers with vege die in them, I’m talking about dark, black and red beers.

Therefore when I spied Prickly Moses Red Ale, I had to try it.

As the name suggests, it is red in colour but not blood red.

Brewed by Otway Estate in Victoria, this comes from yet another winery which has turned to brewing on the side and doing a bloody good job of it as well.

Who said beer and wine don’t mix?
The Red Ale is in the style of a Celtic ale and while it isn’t exactly red, more like a plum colour with a slightly cloudy appearance without too much gas.

This one has a fruity nose with a very subtle malt note to it. That slight fruitiness carries through to the initial mouthful but is soon surpassed by the malt richness which in turn gives way to a well-balanced bitterness in the aftertaste.

There’s a smoothness to it which is very appealing and that slight bite when it leaves the mouth adds to that appeal and draws you back again.

It is certainly refreshing and a thirst quencher with good body and surprisingly doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

M Ind you this is 5 percent so be warned, it is also a sneaky little drop which can creep up on you because it has good sessionability as well.

This may go well with a roast pork (and apple sauce) or even lamb with a mint sauce.

It’s a very social drop which delivers a pleasant glow so don’t plan to go anywhere after a few unless you have a driver.

Red ales won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (if you know what I mean) as they don’t have the same body as olds, porters or stouts yet they are some substantial and "heavier" when your conventional main stream lagers.

Prickly Moses Red Ales is a quality beer in the premium market and is a fine alternative for those looking for something a bit different.


Serve this nice and cold but not chilled. I would suggest a tall glass to appreciate the colour. At $21 per 330ml six pack, you may consider this a "treat" beer but who doesn’t deserve a treat every now and then. Available through major chains such as First Choice.

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