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Scared Ewe Brew Pale Ale

Thu, 2015-10-29 08:20 -- bob
Scared Ewe Brew Pale Ale from Beard and Brau

ONCE again the hidden little brewery, Beard and Brau, at Tamborine Village, just over Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland has come up with another gem of a brew, Scared Ewe Brew Pale Ale.

Brewed especially to coincide with the Scare Crow Festival on Mt Tamborine, this deliciously fruity pale ale has the added bonus of being a proper mid- strength drop that doesn’t forsake flavour and body.

It has a light amber colour with a tight white head and a fruity aroma, which denotes a mix of berries and fruit.

It is smooth and clean across the palate, filling the mouth with plenty of flavour and maintaining that fruit note without being overbearing.

What Scared Ewe Brew does achieve is a well-balanced level of bitterness in the aftertaste, setting you up for the next mouthful.

While it is a mid strength - 3.5 percent - and a pale ale, it does have more body than other mid-strengths and it doesn't sit heavily in the gut and for that reason has good sessionability.

Brewer Chris Herrign said it is also low in gluten though NOT gluten free which might appeal to those watching their diet.

It would go well with a variety of foods, especially the summer styles such as spiced salads or a cheese platter.

It is refreshing and thirst quenching but being a limited release, it won't be round for long.

You’ll be able to find it up the mountain at Tamborine at the Bearded Dragon, Eagle Heights Hotel, Thirsty Camel (all off premise) and on premise, Georges Paragon, La Ferme Provincale, Pethers Rainforest Retreat and Song Birds. For those on the Gold Coast, try Tugun Cellars but be quick.


Serve this nice and cool, not chilled, and in a tulip/balloon glass to appreciate the nose and colour. Being a limited release from a true craft brewer, the Scared Ewe Brew pale ale is around $8 per 500ml bottle but is worth the drive to Tamborine. To find out more about Beard and Brau, visit the website at

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