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Sonntag from Mt Tamborine Brewery

Fri, 2010-06-11 06:22 -- bob
Sonntag from Mt Tamborine Brewery

FROM the lofty heights of Mt Tamborine comes a delicious drop that goes down really well - Sonntag.

It might have a funny names but this latest offering from the Mt Tamborine Brewery is seriously good, offering up plenty of flavour.

It is very light golden in colour, clear and with a good tight head.

Sonntag has a wonderful floral aroma with hints of fruit which suggests this is far more complex than other light/blonde style of beer.

There’s plenty of flavour, again with subtle hints of fruit and is smooth across the palate but there is enough bitterness to leave a crisp, clean aftertaste.

I found this to be an extremely refreshing beer and ideally suited to warmer weather when you are after a beer to satisfy a thirst.

While it would be better suited to summer, I still found, regardless of the temperature that Sonntag had great ‘sessionability’ and its moorish nature definitely had me reaching for another in pretty quick time.

It doesn’t sit heavily in the gut though it’s no lightweight beer at 5 per cent.
I think it would be best suited to lighter style dishes, seafood, white meats and salads.

Another interesting point about this product from the MT Brewery is that is has no preservatives or additives so what you are enjoy is all natural.

With some beers, you can tell when would be a perfect time to enjoy them and with this beer, it screams “weekends!” so you sit back, relax and appreciate the many different elements of it bouquet and taste wise. The hardest thing you might find is keeping your friends away from it.


Serve Sonntag nice and cold, even chilled. I would suggest serving it up in a tall glass or balloon shaped glass so you can fully appreciate the aroma. It’s a premium beer at $20 per 330ml six pack but you do get quality. You can get it (at the moment) from the brewery and for details visit the website at

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