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Stone & Wood's Draught Ale

Sun, 2010-07-11 08:07 -- bob
Stone & Wood's Draught Ale

THE beer market continues to grow in diversity and the latest drop to tempt the palate comes from Byron Bay's Stone & Wood brewery.

Unlike some beers that are labelled as 'Byron Bay', Stone & Wood's Draught Ale doesn't come from there and in fact, the boys behind it say it is a beer that is reflective of the area.

It is a yellow-golden, cloudy beer with a very distinctive floral aroma.

You might pick up hints of citrus or even passionfruit, thanks to the Galaxy hops used. This translates to a fruity, full-bodied drop, which is crisp and refreshing to the palate.

However, lovers of bitter, commercial beers might find the first mouthful a bit confronting due to the flavour, but I can assure you by the time you are into your third mouthful, you will appreciate the complexity of the flavour.

It is a little sweeter than a lot of beers but that adds to its sessionability.

It's all natural with no preservatives so all you're getting is flavour.

It's not a light beer at 4.6 per cent alcohol, but it is light in the gut which makes it easy to drink.

Being an aromatic beer, it's a top match for seafood, salads, Mediterranean dishes and some mild Asian dishes.


Serve this up cold, though not chilled, and preferably in a tall or balloon glass to appreciate the bouquet. It's an ideal summer beer and a good party starter. At around $19 a 330ml six pack, it's in the premium price range.

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