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Thomas Coopers Selection Celebration Ale

Sat, 2015-01-03 01:32 -- bob
Thomas Coopers Selection Celebration Ale

I'VE always been partial to the Coopers range and have become particularly fond of the Thomas Coopers Selection Celebration Ale. Well, now there’s another in the range, Artisan Reserve, a delicious pilsner which really hits the spot.

It has a rich golden, clean appearance with an aroma which is a blend of malt and hops with a slight dominance of malts.

Being in a pilsner style, it is very clean and crisp across the palate, filling the mouth with flavour, with a very subtle citrus note coming through but it leaves you with a refreshing bitterness which isn't overpowering and definitely draws you back for more.

This is not lightweight, being 5.5 per cent, but it isn't a beer where you know you are drinking a higher alcohol drop. It is well balanced and refreshing and doesn't sit heavily in the gut.

Unfortunately, this beer has great sessionability but because it’s so strong, I’d be making sure there was a designated driver or you plan on staying the night.

It would be well-suited to seafood was a tempura style of perhaps some pork dishes.

This is a worthy addition to carry the Thomas Cooper name.


Being a pilsner, ensure this is cold and it would be best enjoyed out of a tall pilsner-style glass.

It is on special and prices can range from $15- 18 at selected bottle shops.

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