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Wed, 2011-03-23 10:02 -- bob

THE Chinese have shown they are able to copy just about anything and with Tsingtao,
they have shown they can copy German beers pretty well.

Tsingtao has a great golden straw colour with a light white head and a subtle but
recognizable malt aroma.

Initally, there is no great flavour hit but that does come and when it does, it is a clean,
crisp and lingering bitterness which comes from a blend of barley and malts.

It is a light lager and doesn’t sit heavily in the gut but like all good German beers, there’s enough bitterness in the aftertaste to keep drawing you back.

It’sa full strength beer with the characteristics of a blonde of low carb beer but at least
this offers flavour and is not as insipid as some beers.

Being a Chinese brewed lager doesn’t mean that it is best suited to Chinese food thought it would go well with most dishes.

I would also suggest it is well-suited to fresh seafood, light white meat dishes and some
Greek foods which are too heavy.

Because of its nature, it’s very easy tod rink but it is alos a full strength beer at 4.8
percent so just be aware.

If you like low carb-style beers or those that don’t make you feel bloated, Tsingtao is
certainly worth trying – and you don’t have to add any fruit to improve the flavour!


Serve this up nice and cold but if you are sitting down after a hard day’s work and havea
thirst that needs to be quenched, you might want to have a carton of this ready as it will
take a few to do the job – it goes down that easy! At around $15 per 330ml six pack, it’s
also pretty reasonably priced.

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Anonymous (not verified)

It's a bit unfair to say that the Chinese copied German Beer as the Tsingtao Brewery was set up by German brewers back in the late 19thC when the European powers were doing their best to carve up China.

I'd say they have maintained the traditional taste pretty well. One factor in favour of making decent beer is that the brewery used, and maybe still does use, the famed Lao Shan (Old Mountain) water which has a great mineral taste.

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