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Twisted Palm from Burleigh Brewing Company

Mon, 2017-01-30 10:01 -- bob
Twisted Palm from Burleigh Brewing Company

WITH the advent of hot weather comes a flurry of new beer releases all claiming to be refreshing, thirst-quenching brew.

However, the proof is in the drinking and the latest offering from Burleigh Brewing, Twisted Palm, ticks all the boxes when it comes to a beer which is well-suited to our beachy summer lifestyle.

Master brewer Brennan Fielding said he wanted to produce a beer which would shout the tropics and he has come up with a pale ale with a subtle citrus note. In many ways it is a bit of a hybrid but it’s not trying to be too fancy. It has a clean golden appearance with a tight white head and an aroma which combines both hops and fruit.

That translates into flavour and it is clean and crisp across the palate, refreshing but allowing the subtle citrus/fruit flavours to come through before leaving a cleansing bitterness in the aftertaste.

Balance is the key to Twisted Palm and Brennan has got that spot on without losing the appeal of a pale ale, all while offering up just enough to enhance its appeal to those who aren’t hardcore beer drinkers.

It is 4.2 per cent so would be classed a full strength but is light in nature and definitely doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

It has great sessionability, especially on hot days or after doing all those jobs that need to be done before Christmas and is a definite thirst quencher.

It would be a great match with fresh, lightly cooked seafood and some Mediterranean dishes though I suspect this will become a very social beer which will turn up at parties and barbecues across the summer and beyond.

Burleigh Brewing has already won gold with Twisted Palm at the World Beer Championship tastings in Chicago, so why not get on a winner yourself and grab some to try.

It is on tap at selected outlets on the Gold Coast and in various bottlos. To find the latest stockists visit


Serve this nice and cold, in a tulip-shaped glass to appreciate the aroma if possible, if not straight from the stubbie is fine. At around $20 per 330ml six-pack, it’s not bad value.

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