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Welsh Celt Dark-Age Ale

Tue, 2013-07-09 12:09 -- bob

ONE of the pleasure of beer drinking is travelling the world through a glass.

No I haven't lost my mind but the fact is you can sample beers from anywhere and try and picture how they came into being.

I have always harboured a soft spot for dark beers and in colder months, they tend to come into their own so when I came across the Welsh Celt Dark-Age, I was more than happy to indulge.

It's an interesting drop, far from being a heavy dark beer, it has the body of an ale.

It has a wonderful dark colour, not midnight black but not far off it with a coffee coloured head and a chocolate/berry/plum aroma.

I know is sounds crazy but if a beer smells good, it adds to the whole tasting experience and the nose on this beer had me salivating long before I tasted it.

It is smooth and slightly creamy across the palate, offering up plenty of flavour around the mouth.

There's a blend of berry and chocolate, which is well-balanced without being overpowering and it leaves the palate with a very subtle bitterness.

Surprisingly for a dark beer, it doesn't sit heavily in the gut and at 4 percent, it is comparatively `light' when compared to other dark beers.

It is extremely moreish and draws you back and hence has good sessionability.

Yes a session on this would make you feel full after a while but this isn't a quaffing lager.

This is a flexible ale - relaxing with a few if front of the fire after a day's work or you could sit and enjoy a couple after a decent red meat dish - such as a roast.

Celt Dark-Age could also be a decent accompaniment to a chocolate dessert.

It doesn't have the bitterness of a stout and the flavours are more `polished' than some of your main stream black beers and might win over some people don't mind character in their dark beer.


Serve cold but not chilled and best in a tulip/balloon glass to appreciate the aroma. At $7 per 500ml bottle it's not too bad a price but is definitely worth tracking down and is available at selected outlets. To find out where or for orders, visit

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