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William's Organic Pale Ale

Tue, 2012-02-28 21:00 -- bob
William's Organic Pale Ale

ORGANIC seems to be the "buzz" word at the moment but I think it raises more questions than answers.

The implication of using organis in your label, regardless of what it is, suggests the product must be natural and better for you.

With food, there are claims made about the taste so how does that transpire across to beers – it was a question which I hoped Williams Organic Pale Ale might answer.

Produced by the De Bortoli group, better known for their wines, this pale ale certainly wasn't what I expected.

It is clean, clear and very light in appearance with a frothy head and an aroma which didn't have a characteristic floral nature you might expect from a pale ale.

William's offers more of a hop note than anything with perhaps the slightest hint of citrus.

It's a light style of beer, filling the mouth with clean, crisp flavour and smooth bitterness in the aftertaste.

I didn't detect any floral or fruity notes which I expect from pale ales.

This is more of a thrist quenching beer which cleans the palate and doesn't sit heavily in the gut.

However, it's no lightweight in tersm of alcohol content of 4.5 percent.

It's not a robust beer in terms of flavour and if you are a fan of blonde styles of beers, this will certainly hit the mark with you.

It would be well-suited to seafood dishes, salads and light white meats such as chicken and is a good summer/warm weather beer.

I certainly found it to be a good thirst quencher, easy to drink with good sessionability.

However the fact that is was "organic" never came into play, not that I really care anyway.

If it tastes good, drink it I say.

As a lover of distinctive pale ales, I was disappointed in this drop but as a lover of a beer that hits the spot after a hard day's work, I enjoyed it.


Serve this up nice and cold and enjoy the fact that William's, being an organic beer, was produced in the bets possible way and could hardly be bad for you. At around $16 per 330ml six pack, it reasonably priced and readily available through the major chains.

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