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Durham Castle Arms, KINGSTON, ACT

Durham Castle Arms
Jardine St , Green Sq
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About Durham Castle Arms: 

Locally owned and operated, the Durham is a charming old-style pub in the heart of Canberra's leafy suburb of Kingston.

The prefect spot to let your hair down, the Durham boasts a flurry of live music and activities to keep you entertained every week.

Delicious pub style food is available, along with an extensive selection of beer including Carlton Draught, Stella Artois, VB, Zierholz Hopmeister, Guiness, Little Creatures Pale Ale, Coopers Pale Ale, Pure Blonde, Kilkenny, James Squire Golden Ale, Cascade Premium Light and the soon to be released Boags Draught.

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Ferand's picture

Ferand (not verified)

The drinks are a bit pricy these days, and sold by the 'schmiddy'.

Still, it's survived over 20 years and has been more durable than many of its competitors (such as Filthy McFadden's).

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