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Anna Bay Tavern, ANNA BAY, NSW

Anna Bay Tavern - image 1
124 Gan Gan Road
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Reidee's @ Anna Bay Tavern has a relaxed environment offering excellent food, great prices and friendly service with our menu catering to all tastes and budgets!
Open 7 Days

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Reviews (1)

julie.norman.3701's picture

The tavern

8 years 4 months ago

We stumbled across the tavern a few years ago. The food is fantastic and if you have kids even better a great safe play area.Great night out for the adults a dance with some great bands. Think only seen a fight between 2 drunks and they were thrown out quick smart.our kids from 1 yrs to 8 yrs love it


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Tony Weed's picture

Tony Weed (not verified)

My wife & I have been coming to the Tavern on a Saturday night for nearly 20 years & I think that the decision to scrap the bands in favour of duos is ridiculous. There have been 2 fights in the last 5/6 weeks with the worst one happening outside involving a family who are banned & it was over drugs - nothing to do with the band. I know that the staff were advised about the presence of the family but nothing was done until it was too late. Most of the problems that I have witnessed have been because people haven't been cut off by the bar staff when they should have been. I realise that the bar staff shouldn't have to deal with these fight situations because they're not security trained so why can't we have security of a Saturday night? We feel that we & the other decent patrons are being penalised by the actions of a minority. Last Saturday night was a clear reflection of how the decision to get rid of the bands will pan out. Patrons voted with their feet & we will probably do the same this Saturday night. Getting rid of the bands is not the answer.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

great after a day at the beach 4 relaxin with kids or friends!

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