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Surveyor General Hotel, BERRIMA, NSW

Surveyor General Hotel
Old Hume Highway
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(02) 4877 1159
About Surveyor General Hotel: 

Today the Surveyor General is the oldest continuously licensed hotel in Australia, and attracts more visitors any day of the week than at any time in its past.

The Surveyor General Inn has an old world bar, modern bistro, beer garden, and accommodation in the historic building intself.

A visit to the Southern Highlands would not be complete without a visit to Berrima and the historic Surveyor General Inn

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Comments (1)

Kyle's picture

Kyle (not verified)

Went to Berrima pub today for the big grand finale of The Sausage cook off. What a complete let down
Your bar staff are the worst I have ever seen! To get a drink took forever, what a disgrace.
You really need to look at your bar staff. To be a good bar person you need to know how to interact with your patrons which not one off your staff know how too. Go to a proper pub and see how its done.

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