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Billinudgel Hotel, BILLINUDGEL, NSW

Billinudgel Hotel
Wilford Street
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The Billinudgel hotel has been serving beer for over 120 years through fires, floods and famines.
It's most famous as the home and business of Margret Alice (Ma) Ring who at the time of her death, 101, was the oldest licensee in Australia and most likely the world.
The pub oozes the history of Ma and the Billinudgel area, such as the occasion of Ma's 100 birthday, when in the vicinity of 1000 people turned out to help her celebrate.
A visit is essential to soak up the history and character of this classic country pub.
While maintaining the heritage look and feel the Billi provides first class bistro food, great entertainment in the Barn, TAB, pokies, ice cold beer and friendly locals ready and willing to tell you a tale or two.
It's my favorite pub in the world!

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Anonymous (not verified)

One Saturday night
Was the only plan
To see a good mate
The way it began
But surprises in store
I could not foresee
There was so much more
Awaiting, in Billinudgel

From the time I arrived
In this quiet little town
At the Rainforest Retreat
Owned, by a past Delltone
The magic in the air
Was filling my heart
So pleased I could be there
But the fun was yet to start

I would sleep amid the palms
So dense and green
In a tin roofed cottage
With the rain pouring down
Sitting alone on the verandah
And sipping chilled wine
With animals of the night
In a world, just fine

Time had escaped me
Almost forgot, why I was there
Somewhere I needed to be
And a friendship to share
The Pub was the place
For laughs, drinks and music
No more time to waste
Need to see my friend Mick

Made it there on time
Before Mick showed up
Had a feed and some more wine
Just as he pulled up
You see, my friend Mick
Is the resident band
But he plays it solo
On the old baby grand

The Pub was filled
With characters from around
From doors and windows they spilled
Here only for Micks unique sound
Even Santa Claus was there
Sitting alone and quiet
With his peaceful stare
Then just left and waved goodnight

Requests for a song
Came from one and all
So Mick played on
Until drinks, last call
If you want to know how it ends
There’s much more I can tell
Where strangers become friends
When you experience, Billinudgel

AJC (27/11/11)

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