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New Ivanhoe Hotel, BLACKHEATH, NSW

New Ivanhoe Hotel
231 Great Western Highway
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About New Ivanhoe Hotel: 

The New Ivanhoe Hotel is a classic example of late 1930's architecture, displaying distinctive features of the late Art Deco era such as dark wood panelling, geometric curves, bold and dark exterior brick and a cosy atmosphere reminiscent of the "good old days".

The lounge and dining areas are spacious and airy - warmed by open log fires in winter and during summer they enjoy the sunlight filtering through the enclosed garden patio areas.

The main bar is a lively meeting place for locals and travellers alike and offers pool tables, with TAB and full Sky Channel facilities.

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Reviews (1)

Ruth Wood1's picture
Ruth Wood1

oh my goodness

7 years 3 weeks ago

We had lunch there i can't believe how bad all the food was my steak and vegetables was discusting the potatoe was fake the zucchinis was boiled to there death i asked for a medium steak it had been that had been beaten into an inch of its life and was well done my daughter had the calamari what a bad decision that was it wasn't reall calamari it was some processed thing that gave her vomiting and diarrhea within 1 hour of eating it there was many other things wrong with this hotel meal including how do you stuff up a salad .also the toilets were cold had no lockes or soap and uncomfortable and when my son stood up his chair fell apart i would suggest you NEVER GO THERE I KNOW THAT WE WONT BE GOING BACK


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