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The Beach Hotel, BYRON BAY, NSW

The Beach Hotel
Jonson Street cnr Bay St
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(02)6685 8758
About The Beach Hotel: 

Australia's most easterly hotel, located opposite Main Beach right in Byron Bay offering a range of rooms, some with ocean views. The famous Beach Hotel has live music 3 nights per week and Sunday afternoons. The Beach Brasserie offers fresh seafood and daily blackboard specials. Pacific Dining Room has recently opened it's doors serving straight from the sun and surf to the cool of the garden.

Centrally located to all the vibe of Australia's premier tourist destination you won't be dissapointed with the varity of people ,entertainment,food and extreme persuites, most of which can be found without leaving the pub!!

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Comments (2)

Bryan Jo's picture

Bryan Jo (not verified)

Not the same since new owners took over a few years back.
Over priced drinks and food plus you pay even more for these when live music is on????
Whats wrong with the publican paying for the music when the place is packed anyway...too greedy now and the food is S***t.
Motel attached is overly priced and only for those with a BMW or Benz!!!!
Been coming here for years but not any longer as the town is really feral

Katherine Day's picture

Katherine Day (not verified)

Currently sitting at the Byron Beach Hotel extremely disappointed with the now realized way over-priced food. One would think you couldn't go wrong ordering a Beef Burger, Steak sandwich and fresh oysters at a pub on the beach, however after struggling through 3 out of 6 less than fresh oysters before quitting for fear of food poisoning and stale, lukewarm sandwiches, the lesson on why one should not assume has been firmly learnt. This is one pub we will not be recommending or returning to.

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