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Overlander Hotel Motel, CAMBRIDGE PARK, NSW

Overlander Hotel Motel
Richmond & Lewis Roads
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The Overlander has undertaken a full renovation in late 2019/2020 to create a vibrant new family & event destination. Located in close proximity to the Nepean Hospital, Sydney International Regatta Centre and Westfield Plaza. The Overlander offers an abundance of off-street parking and also provides a courtesy transport service.

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Heidi Vanderlem's picture
Heidi Vanderlem

Warning: never go to the bottle shop

2 years 3 months ago

Warning: do not got to the bottle shop at the Overlander! I went in and picked up that my item was scanning as another product and subsequently an incorrect price and my god! They treated me like garbage. They removed the price label and told me I had to pay the higher price because they are independent. Then some bartender came in to put his 2 cents in and tried to bully me. The manager was just as bad. Do not go there if you wish to be treated with respect and pay their advertised price!

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